Popular Anime Filler Lists

Popular Anime Filler and Canon Lists

Anime series have always been widely popular among viewers worldwide and are mostly adapted from published light novels and manga. With these adoptions, most of the anime scenes are based on the source material provided. However, there may be certain exceptions.

What are the anime fillers?

Fillers refer to any part of the anime series that is not taken from its source material directly. The possibility for this happening occurs in instances where the anime series manages to outpaces its manga or light novel content.

What is different about anime fillers when compared with the actual anime?

As mentioned earlier, fillers are scenes that do not require any source material. Because of this, these often lack in quality visually. Additionally, their narration ability is also lower than the actual anime since they don’t have explicit material to adapt on.

Reasons and response about Anime Fillers

Although anime fillers have been received with mix reviews, they are crucial for a series. The sole reason that leads to an anime series requiring a filler is the unreliable and gradual release speed of its source material.

Anime adaptions eat up content like nothing else. A gigantic fight scene that consumes about ten pages is quickly concluded within a few minutes of an anime. Hence, no matter how immediate the author’s release speed is, the anime takes no time to catch up to that.

Another reason that leads to anime fillers release is promotion or collaboration by its franchise. Often, fillers are added, which consists of crossover between different studio houses and promotion or celebration of a holiday event.

Let’s talk about viewers opinions and concerns with popular anime fillers now. Generally, since these fillers are composed and narrated by the unofficial author of the series, they tend to stand out from the previous original episodes.

Moreover, often these fillers are drag episodes and add little to nothing to the actual anime plotline. Viewers might lose their interest if too many unnecessary episodes are produced which will ultimately lead to unpopularity for the series.

Despite this, there have been various cases where anime fillers were entertaining and appreciated by the viewers. The most prominent example of this is Naruto which has the majority of its series composed of anime series yet acquired an affirmative rating by every viewer.

 To conclude, the reviews for anime fillers vary from person to person. If done right, it surely boosts the series’ popularity while accurately making up time for its source material release.

How do we know what episodes anime fillers are?

For your knowledge and curiosity, we have compiled a complete list of every popular anime series and its fillers. You can easily find this out by visiting our website and looking up popular anime fillers in the search bar.

What is meant by canon?

Canon refers to any part of the story essential for its plotline. In simple words, it is the central climax and root for any anime series. Meanwhile, non-canon defines anything that is beyond the scope of the actual source material. It includes fan fictions, what if theories and filler episodes.

How do Anime fillers relate to canon?

As stated earlier, Anime fillers are not taken from the actual source material, and hence they fall in the category of non-canon. Given this, a studio house mustn’t include an event in its filler episode that may affect its actual canon directly.

For instance, if a filler episode kills off a character that is majorly important and required in its canon or source material plotline, then it leads to problems and inconvenience for the author and the franchise. Perhaps, this is the exact reason why anime fillers are disregarded and discouraged by most of the authors.

Difference between Anime fillers and Anime Canon

Anime Canon is something that is not stated in the manga or light novel books by the author but is included in the Anime series. This canon is approved by the author beforehand and is significant to the plot of the anime.

Whereas, Anime fillers are also not part of the manga or light novel books, but they haven’t been approved by the author either. They are insignificant to the plot of the anime.

How can you avoid an Anime filler?

Keeping in mind the unneeded and undesired filler episodes, it is not surprising that many viewers intend to skip through these and focus on the actual plotline instead. If you are also one of these viewers, then look no further as we have enlisted a step-by-step guide about how to avoid these anime fillers in popular anime series.

  1. Use our website to conclude which series and what episodes are anime fillers and avoid them while watching.
  2. Action-packed anime series have a large probability of producing anime fillers. Avoid watching these and settle for action shows instead.

Some of the popular anime filler lists are:


Anime fillers and anime canon are crucial for almost all of the adaptations. Although the opinion regarding these differs from the viewer, if these are done right, they can earn both author and franchise appreciation by viewers.